Sony Crushes PSJailBreak’s Heart and Remains Secure For Now

After only 1 week of the PSjailbreak’s announcement, it appears that all PSJailbreak shipments have officially been canceled thanks to Sony’s silent injunction. While most of us had faith in Sony to do something about the hacking matter, it didn’t look good for several days, Sony was on the ropes, loosing its security crown by finally being successfully hacked.

MetalFreakMike4841d ago

Well the code was already released online so it is only a matter of time before people start to exploit it. I do not like piracy but there is no way to stop it from happening. I think Sony will keep the PS3 locked up pretty well to keep this from happening again.

zoks3104840d ago (Edited 4840d ago )

It has nothing to do with Sony not locking up the PS3 software tight enough. The PS3 was hacked by a device that Sony use to repair PS3's, that device was stolen from one of their repair labs. If it was not for that the PS3 would not be hacked, and that's why Sony was able to legally place an injunction on anyone who copies the tech inside this stolen device.

The hackers suck so bad that they had to steal a repair kit from Sony to hack the PS3. This says a lot about hackers and their true intentions, to steal property at any cost.

When I was younger hackers back then hacked stuff for fun or respect, now they do it to steal and that is not the right way to do things. Thieves should not be promoted on any level, from the ones that break intKo you house or car, to the ones that hack computers to steal information, money, or cause mischief.

Hackers are some of the biggest criminals alive today, but the laws will soon change and soon hackers won't have the protection from the law that they have today.
Giant corporation are taking over everything, from govermemt to the way we live our lives, all this will do is make them grove the govermemt impose strike laws on consumers, and trust me they have all the money that politicians love to jump through hoops for.


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