Is this the end of physical formats?

Which? Convo writes: "Since humankind first scribbled on cave walls there’s been countless ways to document information. But with the advent of MP3s, GPS and ‘the cloud’ could we be saying our last farewell to physical formats?"

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fatstarr3162d ago

Physical formats will never end
I have 300 vertabim DVD RW's in my house for backup
I might have to buy more waiting for the apocalypse

techie3162d ago

What you're going to build a shelter out of them?

fatstarr3160d ago

yes lol after i back up my comps they will rest untill i need to again.

JasonBloodbourne3160d ago

i'm a dj and i've moved on from vinyl to using a memory stick now so much easier and cheaper to! i can't justify buying 5 to 10 records a month for nearly £100 when i can download about 60 to 70 mp3s for the same price! bring on the digital revolution i say!