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Printed Video The Future Of Magazine Advertising

Successful Farming magazine advertisers have taken things a step further with video ads. The following is an example of a printed issue with, you guessed it, a video.

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GodsHand3161d ago

I wish there was more information on this, as too is it the flexible OLE display, and is it just as thin as the piece of paper, also what about sound does it have some thin speakers, or is it just video only. I can imagine the day the day where this become the norm, but with apples tablet (i-touch, my idea back in high school during research & development class), it might not get any futher then this magizine.

NewNameNow3160d ago

I believe it is the flexible OLED

fatstarr3160d ago

id love to get magazines like this and just rip out the screen every time :]