Valve denies having a Linux version of Steam in the works

Engadget: It was a beautiful dream, and someone even went to the trouble of pushing some decent proof, but for now at least Valve is denying any Linux version of Steam in the works.

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fatstarr3252d ago

Linux and steam would be a match made in heaven
id have a 200$ rig with my 9600 in it dedicated to gaming
run by linux
id love to try it.

lonix3251d ago

and it wouldnt have the massive overheads required by windows

3251d ago
romalias23250d ago

Unfortunately Steam deals in a lot of third party applications which they could not convert to operate on the Linux platform due to not having access to the source code.

However ID having open sourced many of their projects, and the half life game engine being owned by steam or "Valve". They could easily port their own games and even some of the ID software games over for a starting point.

I think I would be happy even if a major publisher like Valve where to put just a few games on Linux through their API. This would encourage more developers to follow suit, or even grant Valve access to the source for the purpose of creating Linux compatible ports.

Unfortunately Valve apparently doesn't see the practicalities of it QQ