6 Endangered Tech Species

Picking up an Apple iPad or clamoring for Amazon's Kindle? You may as well get a DVD player, too, as their combined usefulness is on the clock.

The future of technology is integration, something Apple's iPhone and Google's Android products have a better grasp of than, say, Garmin's personal navigation devices or Acer's netbooks.

"Handsets aren't going to cannibalize televisions anytime soon, because users want a big-screen media-playback experience that can be accommodated in the home," says Ross Rubin, an analyst for NPD Group. "However, handsets may cannibalize Blu-ray players at some point because, as bandwidth improves and we see more media on demand and HDMI outputs or wireless features built into the phone, it could take on the functionality of a Roku device or Blu-ray player."

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fatstarr4329d ago

My phone had a 5mp camera since 2007
technology comes along and it does this.
This list is entirely off. Video game consoles, GPS and cameras will be around at least until 2015 there will just be other ways to do the same thing. As long as geeks live there wont be a need for an all in one because who likes all in one devices very boring and you are stuck looking at the same thing every day and night for months.

Digital cameras will live because people dont make movies with phones they use cameras.