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7 Rules For A More Secure Password

Emotional Ninja writes: "Are you still using a password that just barely gets by the password requirements for a website? If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about it’s when a website requires you have at least 1 letter and number in your password so you decide to use “catsrock1” and think that your password will never be cracked. There are some great ways to go about making sure your password is quite a bit more secure and lucky for you I am prepared to list a lot of them.

Pick a word and you have a password.

Alright since I’m writing this and there are some cats running around I will go ahead and pick out the word “cat” for my password example. Now just “cat” is a terrible password and could probably be cracked in a matter of minutes so we will need to add some password rules to it that are easy to remember. So right now go ahead and either write down your word or just make sure you will remember it."

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EmotionalNinja4324d ago

Now I know how to better protect myself.

codyodiodi4324d ago

I thought this was an awesome article too! I always used easy to remember words rather than just thinking about patterns. This article helped me out as well.

4324d ago