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You Could Own a Pool-Shooting, Beer-Fetching Willow Garage Robot

If you're a bachelor and want a mate who does not talk back and supports your decision to have a tipple once in a while, then the P2 robot would fit the bill perfectly - although you will not be able to enjoy the more feminine aspect of a relationship.

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Moto G5 vs. Lenovo P2- Which budget phone gives you more for the money?

We all dream of high-end smartphones once in a while. Let’s face it, the majority of us don’t need all the features of a flagship device. Nor can we afford them. Thankfully, there are plenty of choices in the budget phone section also. Two of the most appealing handsets from this range are the Moto […]

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pressjudge2421d ago

The Lenovo P2 does look better but Moto G5 seems to have a better build quality for the long term.

mac_02421d ago

To me, the P2 looks like a Samsung reboot.

Ibi2421d ago

The build quality may be better, but if it freezes a lot or works really slow it gets annoying. I'm all about power over design and build.

Tyler71442420d ago

Real question is.. which one runs Hearthstone better


Why 3D Camera Technology Will Be The Future

Benchmark Reviews: To most people, the sudden industry interest in 3D technology is considered a fad. It's an eccentric marketing ploy for the fringe enthusiast, merely feeding a niche market. It's too expensive, or it's too immature, or it's too proprietary. If this has you believing the skeptics and naysayers, then 3D technology is already doomed to fail. Fortunately for entertainment enthusiasts there's a difference between pessimism and reality, and I'll use this editorial to explore the very real possibility that we'll soon live in a world based around 3D technology. Some optimists believe that 3D is already on its way to being a mainstream technology, but realists should expect it to come in phases, based on supply and product demand. I think it will begin with 3D cameras, and their byproducts: 3D photos and 3D video.

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Video: Charming PR2 Robot Draws a Self-Portrait

Everyone loves the beer-fetching Willow Garage PR2 robot, as seen in a recent gallery of its greatest achievements. Evidently, it even loves itself. When developers at Bosch Research gave it a pen, it drew a handsome self-portrait.