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10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an HDTV

From the sneaky salespeople to the misleading movie demos, buying a new HDTV can be tough. Here's how to see through the in-store demo tricks and save money on the set that's right for you.


Choosing the Best LCD Panel Technology

Benchmark Reviews: It's a well-known fact that nearly all consumers purchase their monitor based on size and price alone. Like everything we shop for, it is human instinct to get as much as possible for as little as possible. So why should we bother ourselves with the details, and what difference could it possibly make? Most people aren't even aware of the different construction processes used to produce the widescreen monitor that rests on their desks. Benchmark Reviews explores the various LCD monitor technologies used by manufacturers to produce computer monitors, and matches application to architecture for our readers.

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Neocrisis: Target HDTVs Deals of the Week

Neocrisis: This week, Target® guests can find great deals on a variety of Samsung and Sylvania televisions including free home delivery and set-up on any Samsung TV 40" or larger (a $99 value).

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Inside the HDMI cable scam

MSNBC: Have you seen HDMI cables online or in stores labeled "120 Hz," "240Hz" and "480 Hz"? It's easy enough to slap such labels on HDMI cables but it's a sham. HDMI cables can no more be manufactured for specific refresh-rate HDTVs than a garden hose can be manufactured specifically to water seeded lawns and sod lawns.

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fatstarr4780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

I got a nice 50ft HDMI cable for 25$ and my friend got a Expensive brand 6ft HDMI Cable for about 50$ He still claims to see the difference to this day. I laugh my computer is connected to my tv so niceley.

But this is nothing new history shows there have been scams with cables since cables existed.
Sure there are badly made cables and good ones but they are all the same. Its what machine you are using to connect to and from is when you see the difference.

Maybe once we get 4096×1716 we can see some new cable standards

ChickeyCantor4778d ago

Yeah, they even sell HDMI cables for 120 euro here...
But i feel ripped off now that you paid 25$ for 50ft, while i paid 24€ for 1,5 meters....4.9ft.

Anyone claiming he can see the difference is an utter dipshit.

GodsHand4778d ago

While I agree, most cables are the same, they are not all equal. Some have better insulation, to prevent signal interuption from other devices near the area, some have better contact material, vs cheaper material, you could go as far as how the wire itself was produced, from oxygen free, or slimple pour and streath to desired guage. But like others have said, vast majority will not tell the differnce from tv to tv.

4778d ago