PlayStation Move Will Only Cost Me $180, And I’m Buying All of It

DualShockers writes, "...I once had doubts about motion gaming being accurate and about its relevance to gaming, until I saw it add to gaming I had to assume this would just be another broken promise from a gaming giant over-stretching itself to try and cover every aspect of gaming technology they could. I was wrong, and the proof is in the pudding as they say. Move brought the heat and now I’m here to tell you why I have no issue putting down the big bucks to jump in...."

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Hitman07693262d ago

This is essentially a brand new platform for Sony and the hardware tech is going to blow up the way gamers look at the appeal of picking up new games as well as existing products.

clybouw3262d ago

This will be a great success for Sony they are really needing this right now.

-Mezzo-3262d ago

The only Motion Controller i'm getting this year.

thevokillist3262d ago

I am completely with you here. It seems like the only motion controller worth buying, honestly.

Chadness3262d ago

I agree 100%. Microsoft has shown me very little in way of stuff I personally would be interested in, if you can even call Kinect a motion controller at all.

Sony, on the other hand, has come out blazing hot, firing on all cylinders, attempting to cater to the crowd of gamers I belong to, so when it comes to purchasing a piece of hardware, it's Move all the way.

Hitman07693262d ago

Absolutely same here, but I wouldn't call that other thing a motion controller more of a webcam in my opinion.

Bedrockk3262d ago

1 issue i have w/ move is that the costs being quoted only apply if you're buying equipment enough for 1 person only. so, if you want friends to play simultaneously, you'll have to buy MORE controllers, which was a initial drawback of the Will. Kinect, for all its shortcomings (and there are a lot of them) at least enjoys the benefit of being 1 component for all to use. don't worry, i'm not buying Kinect, either.

aminjarez3262d ago

I was pretty iffy about getting either the Move or Kinect, but the more I think of it, the more the Move sounds more appealing. And the price isn't too too bad.