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Protect Your PC With Critical Adobe Patches

PC World: Adobe released a handful of patches this week to address serious security vulnerabilities. The most relevant update for the vast majority of users is the patch for Adobe Flash Player, but IT admins should also be aware of the updates for ColdFusion and Flash Media Server.

fatstarr4787d ago

Just like the last one. I am going to update all my stuff.
Lol its backup week for me.


Adobe is practically begging you to uninstall Flash before it ends support in 2021

For a long time, Flash Player was considered a significant security liability for almost every PC out there. However, that’s about to end very soon, and Adobe is actively helping its eradication.

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Apple reportedly did a blunder authorizing a malware 'shlayer' disguised as Flash to run on macOS

The Verge reported that Wardle states that Apple accidentally authorized an app that comprised code utilized by a famous malware 'Shlayer'.

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By The End Of The Year, SSDs Per GB Prices Will Be Lowest Ever

By the end of the year, SSD rates per gigabyte could dip listed below $0.10 for the first time ever. Is this the time to upgrade your storage?

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