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Engadget: ZTE Racer review

Engadget: In a battlefield now abundant with Android handsets, there's only one easy way for a young smartphone brand to grab our attention: make a seriously dirt cheap handset. And we're not just talking about a free phone chained to a pricey 18-month contract (like the Vodafone 845); we're looking for a Pay & Go smartphone tagged with a standalone dumbphone price, so even the £200+ ($316+) "budget" HTC Wildfire and Sony Ericsson X10 Mini / Mini Pro are out of the question.

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Pocket-Lint: ZTE Racer review

Pocket-Lint: As Android continues to grow in popularity at a whirlwind pace, we can expect to see more and more affordable Android phones hitting the shops. This sub-£100 handset from ZTE is not only the company's first foray into Android phones, it's also one of the very cheapest around that runs on Google's operating system.

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TechRadar: ZTE Racer Review

TechRadar: The world is going Android crazy, with Google currently registering 200,000 activations per day. Is that a reflection of the popularity of the operating system or the sheer number of phones now jumping on board?

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