How e-Books Won the War

Gigaom: Years from now, when I tell the grandkids about this thing called print books, I’ll reference the past few days as the week e-books won the war. Momentum is rapidly pushing the dominant industry focus in book publishing and selling toward digital.

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SynGamer3263d ago

I love books. Used to work in a library back in high school and I still love books. But aside from saving trees, the convenience of having all of my books in the palm of my hand is nice. From a business perspective, you have little-to-no inventory. More profit at little to no extra cost? Sign me up!

And checking the prices online, they are relatively the same as buying a paperback (about $7.99). Now, I think that's $1-2 too much considering you're buying a digital product. I would like to see the eBooks go for at least a dollar less than the paperback. Either way, I'll be getting the new 3rd Gen. Kindle this fall, can't wait.