China's Shanda Bets on Future with Underpriced E-Reader

Newly released e-books from Chinese internet Giant Shanda are almost $147.7, far below its product cost, targeting at enlarging original literature selling.

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Sony gives up on selling e-readers

Sony has given up selling its line of Reader devices for e-books after failing to find a big enough market.

"We do not have plans to develop a successor Reader model at this time," the Japanese firm told the BBC.


Pocket-Lint: Kobo eReader Touch Edition review

Pocket-Lint: The ebook reader market is a funny one, because it has been typically dominated by a couple of companies. With the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Readers being the most popular devices.

The real difference between these devices is content. Amazon distribute its content from its own store. It's a closed system, but one that's widely accessible thanks to apps for your PC or smartphone. Sony (and many others) on the other hand offer open format support, but don't th

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WHSmith releases 7-inch Android colour tablet.

NRM: "WHSmith seems to have grown rather out-of-date as of late. As a brand around here, except for the Smiths at Lincoln and Notts train stations, its starting to become rather overlooked. So to bring itself back into Christmas contention, they've released the Kobo Vox: a 7-inch Android powered tablet (hello Kindle Fire).

However, except for the startlingly similar minimalistically dull design ethic of the aforementioned American counterpart, the 8GB onboard storage and the 512 mb ram, this is where the similarities end."

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