Slingbox account server problems cutting off web players, apps

Engadget: If you're trying to watch some TV via Slingbox right now and can't, don't worry, you're not alone. A support thread on Slingbox.com lays out the problems: Trying to access watch.slingbox.com directly, logging in to the Sling site, or trying SlingPlayer via computer or a mobile device results in a page that doesn't load.

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AirTV Unifies Sling TV, Netflix & OTA

After several years of development, it appears a redesigned AirTV Player is nearly here. Originally conceived as an over-the-air network tuner, like Tablo, to stream local antenna television into Sling TV’s user interface, AirTV appears to have been rethought… and nears arrival as an Android-powered, Technicolor-produced set-top box vs reusing Echostar’s Slingbox scraps, Oh, this rendition still channels live television. But that local programming is now output directly into a TV, presumably merged within Sling’s guide, along with over-the-top streaming applications — specifically Netflix (!) and the Play Store itself…. based on support documents and the bundled universal, voice-capable remote that sports a Google logo.

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Slingbox Product Lineup Demo

At CES 2015, Slingbox offers an overview of its latest products to bring your home TV with you anywhere you go in this exclusive interview and demo.

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It's interesting that SlingTV is not part of this company.


Sling unveils two new Slingboxes as battle with pay TV companies continues

Sling Media on Tuesday unveiled two brand new Slingbox products alongside news that its SlingPlayer software will soon receive a major update. Sling Media is a pioneer in TV “place shifting,” having developed hardware and software solutions for years that allow users to stream live TV content from their homes to any computer, tablet or smartphone in the world. The company is currently facing a huge battle now that pay TV companies have begun to embrace streaming content in their own mobile apps, which now often stream TV shows and videos live or on demand. But that won’t stop Sling from launching two new products this summer.