10 Google Services That Don’t Get the Limelight They Deserve

MakeUseOf: It’s an irony that Google hides behind its simple page, a gargantuan network of subsidiary web services. The one textbox page of Google Search is like a little door that leads inside to a labyrinth. The way we navigate through Google could make it our Aladdin’s Cave or our personal la-la land.

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fatstarr3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I enjoyed search stories very much haha it was like the master card commercials.

Actually now that i look i use a lot of these things. I think google really made it for the geeks and not for the casuals.

I have been using google as a calculator for some time now. I made a fb status about it and so many people were like "omg lies" or "really?"

I really wish i could find that book again in Barnes and nobles. it was so special it had the workings of google and tricks to manipulate it all in a easy to understand fashon.