Sparkle releases new GeForce graphics cards

Sparkle Computer Corp., a manufacturer of NVIDIA graphics card designs for gamers and PC enthusiasts, delivers unparalleled SLI scaling with its latest high-performance graphics card for value conscious gamers and enthusiasts, the new GeForce GTX 460, which officially released last month.

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fatstarr4799d ago

Ive always wanted to test this company out but sparkle... is just a name i cant see my self accepting.
but its tempting 189$ for a gtx 460 -_- if i didnt have a gtx 260 id upgrade asap. but it does the job and i see no games coming out that would put any of the new cards to work unless you were playing in some 2500x resolution with max everything and alt tabbing to do other things.

Tuxmask554799d ago

I have a Sparkle GeForce GT 9600 in one of my machines. No complaints and a great price.

Sparkle X560 Ti DF Calibre Review - Overclock3D

OC3D: Whilst not necessarily the first brand you think of when choosing your next GPU, Sparkle nonetheless have been very solid, with some models being up there with the best.

Today we're taking a look at a highly modified GTX560Ti which is part of Sparkle's Calibre range. Similar to the RoG models from ASUS, or the MSI Lightning range etc., the Calibre variant has a good overclock and the de rigueur twin fan cooler.

So does it sparkle brightly or merely twinkle and fade?

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Sparkle rolls out a pair of GTX 580s

Following the launch of the Nvidia's GTX 580, Sparkle has decided to roll out two versions, the reference card and the custom cooled Calibre series X580 card, which is the first custom air-cooled card on the market.

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