Dedicated GPUs are increasingly irrelevant

Graphics chips have become bloated and ludicrous

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fatstarr4346d ago

I think this article has some what of a point. but graphics cards make me feel better... Ive made systems running on intergrated and i almost threw up i had to put in 8500 and 8400's to make me feel better. it just doesnt seem right with out one. yea theres alot of research for and against graphics cards but in the end its the choice of the user. I am sure when the next gen of consoles come out with epic graphics the whole graphics card gotta have it trend will start up.

Ive noticed thats it is really just a bragging factor. my friends go i got the 5870 or the 480 and but they dont game they just have it.

karlowma4343d ago

This loser is basically saying that because there are no PC games he wants to play, the dedicated GPU is irrelevant. GTFO. Don't forget which industry has been pushing PC innovation for the last 20 years (gaming).

treylathikes4340d ago

Yeah, they are definitely not needed if you are not a gamer (the latest integrated ATI chipsets are quite good), but man, you still need a kick-arse card to play games with.