RIM's Lazaridis: if goverments can't deal with the internet, 'they should shut it off'

Engadget: RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has made some pretty bold statements in the past, but he may just have topped himself in responding to the recent issue of countries banning or threatening to ban BlackBerrys -- to which you can now add Indonesia to the list.

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fatstarr3268d ago

I agree.
but it seems like my death of the internet theory may come true.

The way i see it the computer/technology world has been doing fine for decades.
all of a sudden 100million cornballs find out about this magic place... which causes governments and people with "power" to get all snoopy and stick their heads in places where it doesn't belong and try to regulate this land and try to manipulate it to the place of choice's whim. Its time we took it back because when only geeks, people who had money, business people, computer savvy people/programmers/etc were using it everything went fine.