10 Uses for a Vista Installation Disc

Have a redundant Windows Vista installation disc lying around after upgrading to the superior Windows 7? This article explores 10 possible uses for the disc.

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fatstarr3266d ago

Great article for laughs.

you can also mate it with a windows ME disk and come up with Microsoft's next os.

dollydolman3266d ago

Lol, nice idea, just not sure if it would work... I have a ME disc lying around too... I'll give it a go later :p

dollydolman3265d ago

Wasn't really sure what I was doing, but I didn't get any Windows 8 install disc out of it so it probably didn't work lol.

dollydolman3265d ago

May have to write some more of these if they go down this well :p

alexai993265d ago

Lol I like the burning while stuck on a desert island option :p