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Digital Storm Black|OPS series brings NVIDIA 3D Vision for triple-headed 3D gameplay

Engadget: It's time to step up to triple-screen 3D gaming, son. NVIDIA has been teasing us with 3D Vision Surround capability in its GPUs for months, and now Digital Storm wants to put it on your desk with its latest Black|OPS line of gaming rigs.

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Digital Storm Equinox Max-Q Laptop announced

Digital Storm has finally announced their latest Equinox laptop after quite a while. It is powered by the new 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H and a GTX 1070 Max-Q GPU. This is just the right amount of power for a 15 inch 1080p 144Hz display.

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Digital Storm Now Offers Titan X in Aventum, Bolt, and Velox Systems

Maximum PC: Nvidia finally made official a new flagship graphics card today, the mighty GeForce Titan X, and right on cue are the barrage of announcements from system builders flaunting the availability of the successor to Titan Z. That includes boutique builder Digital Storm, which is now (or soon) offering the Titan X in various configurations inside its Aventum, Bolt, and Velox desktop product lines.

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Can I just have a bolt case? Please!!!!!


CES 2015: Spying Digital Storm's Stunning Aventum 3 PC [Video]

Maximum PC: Liquid cooling isn't new by any means -- enthusiasts have been cooling their PCs with water since around the discovery of fire (give or take a few years). But what makes Digital Storm's new Aventum 3 system a different kind of beast is how the liquid cooling setup is implemented. It's pre-wired and configured to allow for easy user upgrades without mucking up the intricate installation. Let's have a closer look.

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