Modifying the 3D Vision Glasses to Show 2D Left or Right Frame Only

3D0Vision: I’ve been thinking about the idea of modifying the 3D Vision active shutter glasses so that both of their lenses can show only the left or only the right image from stereo 3D content being displayed on a 120Hz LCD monitor. The reason for such modification is to have a pair of 3D Vision active shutter glasses that can be used to watch in 2D when the display is actually showing 3D content, thus allowing some people to see the 3D content and others to see the same content, but in 2D… all at the same time. On the demo video above you can see a demonstration showing what I was able to achieve after a few hours spent to learn how the 3D Vision glasses function and to modify them.

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DAS6924345d ago

He tells you in the description... It enables those who do not have the glasses to view the content in 2D WITHOUT being able to see the overlapping of video, WHILE others use 3D glasses on the same screen and can still see the content in 3D...