Asteroid could hit Earth in 172 years

Astronomers have detected a half-kilometre wide asteroid that appears to be on a collision course with the Earth — in 172 years time.

In a study reported in the journal Icarus, scientists say the asteroid named 1999-RQ36 has a one-in-1,000 chance of hitting the Earth in 2182.

Known as a PHA, or potentially hazardous asteroid, 1999-RQ36 was first discovered about 10 years ago and since then astronomers have been plotting its orbital trajectory.

Aikuchi4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Or Skynet's problem.

That said its not much a problem, its only a half-kilometre wide asteroid, thats about a 1/4 of a mile, and I think the minimum of our nukes is 2 to 5 mile blast radius. Heck at only a 1/4 of a mile they might not even have to use nukes, they could use a big Thermobaric Bomb.

GodsHand4867d ago

I belive scientest contribute the destuction due to the speed in which it comes at, not so much a size thing.

Ex. a car going 1 mph wont make much damge when it hits something else, but if it were to travel at 65 mph it would be catastrophic when it hits something.

ChickeyCantor4868d ago

Each year tech advances.
So take into count the kind of tech we have by then.

Humans do fine...unless its an asteroid storm...xD


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