YouTube upload limit increased to 15 minutes


This is great news, the original 10 minute limit on videos uploaded to YouTube (YouTube) has now been increased to 15 minutes.

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GodsHand4689d ago

Thats good news for me when I record gaming/music/videos sessions off the PS3. Now I can chop the video up into 15 min increments. But even then I've uploaded a 11 min files and it did not tell me anything about going over the 10 minute limit, and no I do not have an ancient account with them to upload unlimited lenght videos.

fatstarr4689d ago

My ancient youtube account needs to be revived. lol

mjurek4688d ago

They changed all of the old accounts anyways, they are all limited unless you have been approved for a partner account.

mjurek4685d ago

They are limited, go check!