HTC Netherlands Confirms Froyo For HTC Desire

There had been rumours before of Android Froyo coming for HTC Desire and only now HTC Netherlands has confirmed that the Desire would soon be getting the Froyo update.

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Speed-Racer3770d ago

lololol sucks for them for getting it so late.

Myst3769d ago

What is with this Android scene of updates coming so late to other phones? Why do they just drop or completely fudge up updated for certain phones. Case and point HTC Hero may lose it's support and not get 2.2 at all, when 2.1 can't even be gotten over the airwave either. I feel like I shouldn't have gotten this phone if I can't even get the updates :/ over the air without having to do it myself or something.

Speed-Racer3762d ago

You can get the manual update and do it via USB. I did it for my Nexus One ... even though the OTA came on line a day later.