Moixa Adds Convenience to Rechargeable Batteries

With such advanced gaming innovations like the PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect, it’s hard to imagine that consoles like Xbox 360 and Wii still require the use of batteries to power their controllers. Even the use of rechargeable batteries can be a hassle since you constantly have to swap batteries in and out of a charging dock, which itself may only hold up to four batteries at a time. Rechargeable batteries are great since they save time, money and help keep the environment clean, but Moixa's USBCell adds a new level of convenience to rechargeable batteries.

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fatstarr4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

Why wasn't this thought of from the start.
I can buy 2 and put it to charge behind my wii or something.

This is the future here
hopefully it doesn't fry my usb ports.

DJ4355d ago

Is going to benefit a lot from this. I'll probably get the mega pack of like 16 batteries.