Who's the Big Winner in the Great iPhone Escape?

TechNewsWorld writes: "There are several downsides for Apple, though. First, Apple's reputation could pick up a bit of tarnish -- much more than funky antennas -- if the popular iPhone starts failing. Say it drops calls with T-Mobile, or a jailbroken iPhone picks up an application that collects personal financial data and sells it to Russian crime syndicates, who then steal millions of dollars from hapless consumer accounts. But wait, it gets worse -- what happens when the crime syndicate finds out that some rich CEO of a major corporation is using a jailbroken iPhone that tells the criminals where he's at, so he gets kidnapped and all the media headlines shout out something like, "iPhone Leads Kidnappers Straight to CEO."

Absurd? Sure. How about a new porn store with hundreds of thousands of new customers? How might that tarnish Apple's reputation? It might."

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