Less Than 1 Year Until The Internet Runs Out of Addresses

The Internet will run out of Internet addresses in about 1 year's time, we were told today by John Curran, President and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). The same thing was also stated recently by Vint Cerf, Google's Chief Internet Evangelist.

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fatstarr3282d ago

I remember learning about this in class. lol a lot of things are happening to make 2012 look like a digital crash more than a world self destruct.

Speed-Racer3281d ago

Most companies/servers/IPs are making it mandatory that their systems and user systems are IP6 compatible, even in many 3rd world countries, systems are being converted to IP6 another Y2K...very unlikely

romalias23282d ago

While it may be true that the addresses are running out, it's not likely that this will affect us in the end. If we run out of addresses, it's more likely to me that old out of services addresses will be put to rest, and more companies will be required to use pre-existing servers with their own IP addresses.

In other words rather then every new company getting it's own server and IPm their will be more strict provisions by ISPs on the IP addresses. Most likely meaning web sites will be hosted at the ISP on single servers to preserve IP addressing.

Since URL naming is a different beast altogether, each website would still hold it's domain name, it would just be redirected to a sub IP address. - redirects -

It's a rather simple solution really... Hardly likely to be the cause of an internet melt down... Remember Y2K?

Boty3281d ago

Haven't you heard of IPV6 ( AKA IP Version 6).

Case closed.

All computers have the ability to use IP Version 6. Its just that most companies and computer owners are stuck to using Version 4.

IPv6 is the future.

bomboclaat_gamer3281d ago

i guess no one heard of ipv6 lol