Build a $200 Linux PC

Extreme Tech writes: "Once we had our target price, we took to to see whether this could really be done. We spent hours researching all the possibilities, making swaps, compromises, and last-minute changes until we had all the parts for our impossibly inexpensive system that, amazingly, came in under budget.

We had met our goal—on paper. But there's a lot more to any computer than just how it looks on a Web site or in the cells of an Excel spreadsheet. We needed to make sure the computer would meet ouro needs, and not be stuck functioning as a big steel paperweight. Read on for the details about how we built one of the least expensive computers we've seen, while learning a lot more than we expected about the difficulties of component shopping, the importance of knowing what you need (and what you're willing to settle for), and the knowledge that what you get can sometimes be considerably more than just what you see."

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Serg4357d ago

I could set up a Linux PC for 50 bucks (Cheapest prebuilt system I could find: DELL Precision 340 T P4 2,4GHz 512MB 40GB) it wouldn't meet their minimal specs but it would run lightning quick and stable. Browsing the web with flash, listen to music, watch movies. Don't expect 3D games but small games would definitely be possible.

Install Puppy Linux on that baby and you're good to go.

fatstarr4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

Wow i was considering a build like this for fun purposes. I might go thru with it after i upgrade

If you threw in 1 of those low end 5570 cards its a decent system lol.

True computer builders can start with what seems like a simple task and take days.
I put at least 8 hours into part selection for my cheap rig.

madpuppy4356d ago

computers because they either forgot the admin pass for windows or the system is so riddled with spyware and viruses and they don't know how to fix/reinstall windows.

when I worked as a garbage man I got many a free PC this way and installed Linux on them.

fatstarr4356d ago

I haven't been dumpster diving in ages. Once the high school in my area threw away at least 30 comps and i felt bad cause i couldn't even take 1.
but i remember finding a 256mb Pentium 3 pc a couple of years ago.