T-Mobile's HSPA+ blankets 85 million Americans in warm '4G' comfort

Engadget: The 4G wars are really getting fierce, and we love the smell of bandwidth in the morning. The latest volley comes from T-Mobile, taking this opportunity to let us all know that its HSPA+ network is more pervasive than any other 4G offering in the nation, currently covering 85 million people in the States and growing to 185 million by 2011.

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Syko4361d ago

Great, Now if they could actually get some decent phones I would be happy...Freakin' T-Mobile blows when it comes to getting good phones. I am happy with everything else but, don't even bother wanting all the hot new phones because I know T-Mobile wont offer them...and will instead pimp some crap ass 4 year old sidekick or something lol.