You Don't Have to Pay for Cable TV

Yahoo: "Almost a year ago I moved into a new apartment and did something revolutionary: I didn't set up cable or satellite TV. I was frustrated by the lack of choice (only one provider), lengthy contracts, and inexplicably high price. As someone who watches a lot of television, this seemed like a truly difficult problem, but I resolved to find a way to see my favorite shows without paying a cable or satellite bill. Fortunately, it was much easier than I thought."

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GodsHand3283d ago

You would still have to factor in the price of the ISP, while DSL is cheaper to have it lacks the speed of Cable.

As far as I know I DSL is like $30/month, Cable $50/month(less if you haev TV inclueded)

So $50(cable)+$10(netflix)+10(hul u+)Roughly $70/month

Cable TV (no premium channels) w/ internet cost about the same.

If you go the DSL rought you might same a little, but might not get the stream in with no hiccups. Plus what about downtime when the service goes out, all it takes is the internet to go down, of the website service is ofline. I know the same goes for cable tv aswell. But when I had cable tv, and internet, the internet would go down but not the tv signal.

I think it comes out to the same price, unless you need all the extras, then the internet route could be your best choice.