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Beyond Social: Read/Write in The Era of Internet of Things

ReadWriteWeb: "This blog was founded in 2003 on the philosophy of a read/write Web - a Web in which people can create content as easily as they consume it. This trend eventually came to be known as Web 2.0 - although others preferred Social Web - and was popularized by activities like blogging and social networking.

It would be easy to say that the 'social' element is still the primary part of today's Web, since the popular products of this era enable you to say what's on your mind (Facebook), what's happening (Twitter), or where you are (Foursquare). All of these are mostly social activities. But more significantly, these and other products output data that will increasingly be used to build personalized services for you.

While part of this increase in data is coming from social data, much of it is coming from the Internet of Things and data uploaded by governments and organizations. In short: the read/write Web is now much more than the Social Web."

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