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How A 17-Year-Old Craigslist-Swapped An Old Phone For A Porsche

Jalopnik: "Starting with an old cell phone a friend gave him, 17-year-old Steven Ortiz of Glendora, CA, used Craigslist to trade up 14 times over two years to eventually end up with a Porsche Boxster. Here's how he did it.

Although Steven Oritz's story isn't the first time we've seen Craigslist-swapping writ large, it's the first one we've seen without any "outside help." Many may remember Kyle MacDonald who famously created a website to document his attempt to trade one red paperclip for a house. It worked. But MacDonald also had a built-in fan base and internet publicity from his website.

Ortiz, a 17-year-old high schooler, had no such help. Instead, he spent the better part of two years tied to his iPhone, skimming Craigslist and carefully picking out trades he knew he could benefit from."

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GodsHand4365d ago

And he will end up losing it, due to not maintaining it properly. Even if he does trade/sell it for a "He's thinking about a Cadillac Escalade" it will end up being worthless because he can not afford the up keep on it. Unless he gets some really good job straight out of high school, but with todays market conditions, I doubt that.

Speed-Racer4364d ago

Maybe his parents might pitch it?

With his business sense, im pretty sure he may find himself in some business soon to cover his expenses.