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Google opens up Buzz firehose API

Ars Technica: "Google has launched several new APIs for its Buzz social networking service this week. One of the most significant additions is a new, real-time "firehose" feed that will allow third-party developers to consume all public Buzz messages. The firehose, which is powered by PubSubHubBub, will open the door for building sophisticated Buzz analytics and data mining tools."

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Google Buzz killed

Pocket-Lint: You probably thought it was dead already, but Google has officially confirmed that Google Buzz is no more as it looks to concentrate its efforts on the new social network in town, Google+.

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Few Google services that were Epic Fails

TechTeria lists few Google Services which were big epic fails. Do you even remember those? Checkout why they failed to attract the public.

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fatstarr4437d ago

I dont know if google videos was a fail. it had movies on it in 1 place full streams not broken up into parts and it worked very nicely.

halocursed4437d ago

Yes, I believe they thought concentrating on just Youtube would be better.

halocursed4437d ago

"Despite of many failures Google is still at the top but they might consider these failures before starting any new experimental project."

They definitely learn from it, but there is no reason google should stop trying to launch new services and ride on their Search dominance.


Google Buzz settlement would give Google new privacy rules

LA Times: The Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with Google that establishes two important new principles about what companies must do before disclosing their customers' personal details.