Is Twitter Phasing Out SMS Support?

Alex Cronk-Young writes: I don't own a Blackberry, an iPhone, or a Droid, but I tweet like nobody's business. I do it all via SMS, meaning that all the tweets of people I follow are sent to my LG Verizon enV as plain old text messages. Yeah, I know, I'm probably part of a dying breed. I'm sure that the vast majority of people that use Twitter have some sort of smart phone with a fancy app to gather up their Twitterfeed for them. Still, I do exist.

I never really thought about the drain on Twitter's servers it must be to send every single tweet to someone's phone until one of my Twitter buddies mentioned it, because I never had much of an issue with the system. Sure, every once in a while during big events like the Super Bowl or E3, Twitter would get hopelessly behind on their messages and be sending me stuff an hour or more late, but otherwise things worked pretty great on a day to day basis... until recently.

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