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Overclock3D: Mushkin Blackline 12GB Kit Review

Overclock3D writes: "It's been some time since we first heard of the possibility of 4GB density sticks which would enable us to run 12GB triple channel, or indeed 8GB dual channel. Finally we could potentially take advantage of populating our boards with the 24GB they state they can handle.

Without question this is a huge leap forwards. Memory is one of those things that it's almost impossible to have too much of. Anyone who has spent ages running with a cheap 1GB setup will immediately be stunned at how much better a 2 or even 4GB upgrade is.

In short when it comes to RAM, the more the merrier. Like anyone we're huge fans of technology here at OC3D and so were gagging to test a kit and see if the latest models can be all that we come to expect from 6GB kits, but in high-density form."

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