Windows XP just won't go away

CNN: Windows XP, which debuted nine years ago in 2001, will continue to be with us for most of the coming decade.

Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) announced late Monday that it would allow some Windows 7 customers to buy Windows XP "downgrade" licenses until two years after the next version of Windows ships (see correction below.) Those licenses allow customers to swap out the newer operating system and instead install a legal copy of the older one.

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fatstarr4364d ago

widows 7 is epic and windows xp is a beast.
really i dont know which is better.

windows 7 speeds up computers to new levels
while xp is more stable
i see more bugs on windows 7 but its minor.

either way i have all the os from 98 so nothing bothers me :]

GigaGaia4364d ago

If you have a 64Bits CPU and more than 3.5GB of ram, windows 7 is better. The 64bits version of Windows XP is horrible.

Matthew944364d ago

well tons of stuff dont work for 7 so i prefer xp

ChickeyCantor4363d ago

Everything works fine for me.
I think its because you are using home and not professional and up?

I like windows 7 and do not want to go back.