What DirectX 11 Is, and What It Means To You

Gizmodo: "The new graphics API comes with new buzzwords. We'll tell you what they mean and how they matter to your gaming experience.

Just when you think you've grasped all the jargon surrounding 3D graphics, new terms and technologies flood onto the market.

AMD has been aggressively shipping DirectX 11 GPUs in almost every price category, while cards based on Nvidia's new GTX 470 and GTX 480 DX11 parts are finally becoming available. Meanwhile, Windows 7's sales ramp has been extraordinary-the fastest-selling Microsoft OS in history. Given that Windows 7 is what Vista should have been, it's also arguable that DirectX 11 is what DX10 should have been."

fatstarr4821d ago

DirectX 11,12,13 are all welcome in my book when they come out.
the 2d textures have been bothering me for a while and all i need is a reason to build a new computer.

Batman: Arkham City PC DirectX 11 Issues

Rocksteady is currently telling players that Batman: Arkham City should be temporarily run using DX 9 rather than DX 11. Apparently DX 11 is causing performance issues.


Crysis 2 Will Go Up To 11

After a couple of weeks of web-wide worrying and shouting and bickering and excellently satirical editorials, you may be glad to hear that Crysis 2 is to receive its in-doubt DirectX 11 patch after all. This comes via the official forums, wherein it was officially said on an official forum, despite being officially said on other official forums that it mightn’t happen. That seals it: all is well in PC gaming tech land. For now.

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AMD: DirectX Holding Back Game Performance

With all the hype surrounding DirectX 11 and how it's changing the face of PC gaming in regards to mind-blowing eye candy, AMD's worldwide developer relations manager of its GPU division, Richard Huddy, claims that developers actually want the API to go away, that it's getting in the way of creating some truly amazing graphics.

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fatstarr4573d ago

sigh... always complaints.

Direct X11 makes graphics pop it turns all that 2D stuff into actual 3D items. we will never get anywhere interns of graphics until the next gen of consoles come out -_- cause the pc sector isnt gonna do it.

KingPin4571d ago

have you not heard of openGL? up until now openGL was way better programming-wise. Even the "GOD" of programming, john carmack <ID software> agreed with this sentiment.