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Macy’s Exclusive: Come Play with Kinect for Xbox 360 Next Week

ChipChick: If you can’t wait to try out Kinect for Xbox 360 in November, here is your chance to try it out as early as next week. But you’ll be trying it out in the type of place you’d probably least expect it.

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fatstarr4892d ago

Wrong audience? or maybe suckering in the casual crowd.


Microsoft’s Kinect Finds New Life Helping Parkinson’s Patients

NRM: "A team at Brunel University London has developed a new system, which helps people with Parkinson’s disease overcome debilitating walking problems."

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Use your Kinect as a webcam thanks to a new update

Your Kinect just got a bit more connected. This weekend, Microsoft announced two major new updates to its popular sensor, making good on old promises.

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2579d ago

The day the movement stopped: Xbox One Kinect gestures are dead

The 'New Xbox One Experience' software update, which launches tomorrow, will kill off support for Kinect in the Xbox One's user interface.

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