Open Thread: Streaming vs. Downloads

NewTeeVee: "The big news that’s going around is that Apple could soon replace its existing digital download model with streaming audio and video files. So instead of downloading massive video files to an iPhone, iPad or next-generation Apple TV, users will stream those video files instead.

It seems like streaming should be a no-brainer for Apple, especially since most online video publishers have already made that choice. YouTube, Netflix and Hulu all stream their video over the Internet — including to apps on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. Apple, meanwhile, still has the same strategy as when the iTunes store was first launched 2003, when most devices were hard drive-based and not connected to the Internet, requiring users to download their content before taking it on the go. But for Apple’s new stable of products, which rely on flash memory and are frequently connected to the Internet, the model is out of date."

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