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Blizzard rescinds their decision to use real names in their forums

It's as if a million voices suddenly cried out and were heard. Blizzard rescinds their highly controversial real name policy for their forums.

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Bandrik4895d ago

GOOOOOOOD. That certainly ups my respect for Blizzard, if only just a tiny shard. I need to repeat why this was an issue, as it's been driven to the ground and beyond by now. So in short: excellent, Smithers... *rubs hands together*


Blizzard Entertainment is Heating Up with Girls Who Code and Overwatch Summer Games

Blizzard Entertainment is keeping things busy with the Overwatch Summer Games and Girls Who Code. CGM sat down with Senior Software Engineer on Overwatch, Julie Anne Brame, to learn more about the program.

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Twitch signs a deal with Blizzard to stream e-sports tournaments

Twitch now has two-year third-party streaming rights for some of the biggest Blizzard e-sport tournaments.

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sonicwrecks2355d ago

Really good move by Twitch. The YouTube Gaming battle continues.


Razer and Blizzard Collaborate on Overwatch Themed Peripherals

Maximum PC: Blizzard has a history of developing and publishing popular franchises, ones like Diablo, Warcraft, and StarCraft. Will Overwatch be another one? Razer's banking on it by readying a trio of peripherals themed after the upcoming shooter.

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