Adobe Filed Software Piracy Lawsuits in Europe

The SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) filed the first pile of copyright lawsuits in Europe on behalf of its member Adobe Systems Inc.

As the part of the association’s new anti-piracy campaign within the Europe, SIIA examined and filed 3 lawsuits against those German and British who used to sell counterfeit or illegal Adobe programs on eBay. As the cases are still ongoing, the names and IDs of the sellers can’t be revealed now.

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New Color Profiles Added To Adobe Lightroom

Adobe has released an update to clean up the mess that was the profiling system in Lightroom. No longer hidden in the settings menus, the new Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera Raw now show these settings up in the top edit panel.

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Lightroom brings RAW photography to iOS

Adobe just issued a hefty update for its Lightroom application in the App Store. In addition to introducing compatibility for the new DCI-P3 color space that can be found in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the upgrade also permits users to capture RAW images using the Digital Negative format.

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Adobe lights a fire under its free iOS consumer productivity apps with a new rebranding scheme

Three popular creative apps join a new Web app under the Adobe Spark family.

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Sahil2745d ago

Everything created with these apps looks awfully similar, sort of like the Instagram filters of design. Kinda bland.