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Crunch Gear: Hands-on with the Hulu Plus iPad App

Crunch Gear: Are you ready to pay $9.95 a month for more TV? Hulu Plus, Hulu’s subscription offering, essentially offers more TV for $10 including full seasons of many shows including Glee and everything else on TV that isn’t Glee.

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5 ways to watch TV without paying for a cable bill

Having to pay for cable these days is no doubt an expensive luxury. Here's all the best ways to watch all your favorite programming without spending big bucks.

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Fox: Streaming is a “Opportunity and Challenge”

Cord Cutters News: Fox has been one of the leaders in online streaming compared to the other alphabet networks. Now it looks like a 6% increase in profit from online streams has grabbed their attention.

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Hulu Plus Mobile App Updated - You Can Now Control Hulu on PS3, PS4, And Xbox One With Your Phone

Cord Cutters News:You can also control the stream with your phone. Pausing, rewinding, and jumping forward to just name a few of the features you can control. With very little set up the app just detected that I had a PS3 and worked great. You can also cast shows to your PS3, PS4, and Xbox One just like a ChromeCast.

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Sandmano3503d ago

I prefer hulu over netflix tbh