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Google Voice newbies, start here

Cnet: Once invitation-only, Google Voice's free telecommunications service for U.S. residents is now available to all. There are so many features, getting started can be confusing for first-timers.

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PSA: You can control YouTube playback with OK Google voice commands

Google Now has a tendency to add voice commands without most people noticing. Besides the few listed in-app, Google hides most of its commands, perhaps the most useful ones.

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Google stores all "Ok Google" voice searches. Here's how you can play and delete them

Here is how to listen to and delete your "Ok Google" voice searches.

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Speed-Racer2736d ago

Well this isn't scary at all. The price for convenience indeed.

annoyedgamer2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

And this surprises you? I's bet the data is in the servers at the NSA and on certain individuals personal e-mail servers at home too. And not to mention for sale to the highest bidder.

Sarick2735d ago

Mine was off since I joined google. I clicked and nothing was there :)

-Mezzo-2735d ago

I have it activated but i almost never use it.

-Mezzo-2735d ago

This is creepy as hell. listening into other peoples searches.


How to listen to, and delete, your Google Now voice history

Google might be eavesdropping more than you had originally imagined, though not on purpose.

Since June 2015, Google has been storing personal data on its users on a website, where users only have access to their own information. The feature works a bit like a digital diary, storing web searches, YouTube history, and (you guessed it!) Google Voice Search history.

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gizmig2737d ago

That is a pretty nice information stored in there. Google must have been surely using this information to develop an AI to spy on whole world.

garrettbobbyferguson2736d ago

Good thing I've used google now about three times in total.