Motorola Charm Unveils Itself For Back To School

Tmonews: As Independence Day looms, you may be realizing that the summer is almost over. Some may be dreading it, others won’t care, but we can all agree on one thing, back to school promotions are great. What does T-Mobile have to offer for those school going folk.

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Motorola Charm hitting T-Mobile on August 25 for $75

Engadget: T-Mobile USA just dropped the knowledge on Twitter that it'll be carrying the Motorola Charm starting next Wednesday, August 25 -- but what it failed to mention is pricing. For what it's worth, the company does specifically say that it'll be "affordable" -- and although a marketing department's definition of "affordable" can be very different from ours, we're encouraged by a handful of previous rumors that there would be ways to get it for free on contract.

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