Neocrisis: Improved In-Flight Entertainment

Neocrisis: Well first off, i have not travels by airplane in more than 4 years. As such, this may be very old news to others but its new to me. The biggest entertainment improvement i notice is that every passenger now has a screen in front of them.

Previously, recall that i already stated that i have not flown in more than 4 years, that there were 1 screen for every 20+ passengers. In addition, everyone basically had very limited options. The first being that they could watch the "default' movie that everyone else had to watch. The second option that passengers had was that they were able to watch a limited list of "channels."

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Speed-Racer4422d ago

Seems the author does not know much about air travel. Should fly on Qatar Airways... then you'd know entertainment, or maybe Singapore Airlines.

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