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Penguin United's Eagle Eye brings WASD to your PS3 shooters, disrespect to your enemies

Engadget: With the PS3's plethora of USB ports scattered across the front, you'd think it'd be a no-brainer that all shooters on the console would support keyboard and mouse controls to make the FPS purists happy.

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FTG-Nerd Review: Penguin United’s Eagle Eye Converter for Xbox360

"At the heart of everything, I am a PC gamer. After I received my first computer, I never really looked back. Games like Halo and Uncharted would pop up spurring my interest in the console platform again, but they were never enough to completely pull me away. There is one huge reason why- first person shooters. I have no problem saying what I think most big box gamers are thinking. Console versions of first person shooters are vastly inferior to their PC counterparts."- Draeno

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Penguin launches new version of PS3 Eagle Eye

Penguin United has announced the launch of the Eagle Eye Version 3.0 for PlayStation 3. The Eagle-Eye converts any standard USB HID keyboard and mouse into a turbo charged video game controller. The new Eagle-Eye Version 3.0 provides a customized key mapping feature for all PS3 controller buttons that seamlessly transfers the command data to a keyboard and mouse.