iPhone 4 has lousy reception — but why sue?

MSNBC writes: "I've had the iPhone 4 since last Friday, and the reception isn't great. In fact, it reminds me an awful lot of my last three iPhones. So why all the sudden fuss?

My former co-workers at Gizmodo have done a great job pointing out all the technical fail points of the new iPhone's antenna, and all the ways to make reception drop out.

What's annoying is that lawyers catch wind of this healthy debate and think, "How can I use this to make money?" So, within a week, the first anti-iPhone 4 class action suits have been filed. There are a lot of serious terms being hurled hither and yon, my favorite being "breach of implied warranty of fitness."

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SactoGamer4431d ago

Nothing new here. My 3G has had crappy reception since day one. Oh how I miss my old Verizon Samsung a710 flip phone.

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