21 Must-Have Smartphone Vacation Apps

Tom's Guide: "The summer travel season is heating up, and more of us are heading out of town to destinations unknown for a little fun in the sun, or off to visit somewhere new and different that we’ve never seen before. Most of us will wind up heading to the airport with stacks of paper folded up in our bags, like our flight confirmations, hotel reservations, and other critical information like maps and phone numbers.

You may not know that the smartphone in your pocket can be the ultimate travel companion, and can do everything from store your itinerary and alert you when there’s a weather or travel advisory to help you keep your friends and family back home up to speed on how everything is going on your out of town vacation.

In this roundup, we’ll look at apps for multiple mobile platforms that can help you collect all of your travel information in one place, help you get to your destination safely and without getting a migraine in the process."

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