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Google Voice: Your Guide to Getting Started

PC World: Google's officially opened the gates and invited all of America into Google Voice, its customizable phone management service.

Google Voice, previously available only by personal invitation, provides you with a single number to centralize all the phones in your life.


3 Effective Alternatives To Google Voice

After Google released its VoIP service, Google Voice, the product has undeniably become a global leader in the industry. It offers a variety of innovative solutions that can benefit businesses looking for a convenient and affordable VoIP service to replace their common old telephone systems.


Google Voice Isolation Technology Improves

Carl Williams writes, "Google is one of those companies that has a lot of personal information on users. So much so that we are not even sure how much they have. Google also works on creating and honing innovative technologies that can be used to great good, or for great evil. One such technology they have created is an artificial intelligence technology that can distinguish voices between two people talking simultaneously. A crowded room is just around the corner."

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CyanogenMod Merges Voice Plus, Allows 3rd-Party SMS Apps To Send Messages Through Google Voice

Android Police - Longtime Google Voice users have had but one dream, total integration with the operating system. We've seen a few bits and pieces roll out from time to time, like support for automatic calling through your Google Voice number and having voicemail directly accessible in the stock dialer. But one feature continues to evade us: sending and receiving SMS messages through Voice with 3rd-party apps. CyanogenMod and Koushik Dutta (Koush) have officially broken that barrier with Voice Plus.

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