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Calif. license plates might go digital, show ads

As electronic highway billboards flashing neon advertisements become more prevalent, the next frontier in distracted driving is already approaching — ad-blaring license plates.

The California Legislature is considering a bill that would allow the state to begin researching the use of electronic license plates for vehicles. The move is intended as a moneymaker for a state facing a $19 billion deficit.

The device would mimic a standard license plate when the vehicle is in motion but would switch to digital ads or other messages when it is stopped for more than four seconds, whether in traffic or at a red light. The license plate number would remain visible at all times in some section of the screen.

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fatstarr4848d ago

Seeeems like an extremely dumb idea.
10 things i can see people doing

- Trying to play videogames on it
- if its cheap buy multiple screens and do something Not intended
- Mass Hack pranks
- Display overwrite for licence change numbers around.
- break other peoples digital plates
- display bright light from plate on multiple cars on highway causing accidents
- being stolen off the back of cars
- Hacking it to pixilate licence plate
- Various Hacks
- tracking people some how.

so many things can go wrong... but im sure tech savvy and people with ill intentions can and will show them what will go wrong if they ever implement this.

Syko4848d ago

I see hacking as the number one issue...I also see it as the number one win too though, I mean imagine the possibilities.

Plus as I was discussing this with a friend she brought up a great point...What if you are the poor bastard driving around with the Viagra ad on your plate. That would be balls. =(

fatstarr4848d ago

that would suck. especially if they make the ad's to your interest or link it to your online profiles. or tie you to a network provider agreement... and what if porn starts popping up on the plates.


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